Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready for more? A Coffee Break Conference on the re-use of texts

Are you fed up of boring conferences, where papers are read as if this were part of a hidden liturgy, whose meaning one no-longer remembers (since no one engages actively in it)? Would you rather like to compare ideas and discuss yours and other people's insights? You might be ready for the next Coffee Break Conference.

More seriously: a Coffee Break Conference is a conference designed for more interaction and less stiffness. We would like people to engage about ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, as it is usually the case only during coffee breaks.
After the first (Rome, June 2010), the second (Rome, September 2011) and the third edition (Cagliari, June 2012), a shorter meeting will be held in Rome, December the 21st and a proper conference in Turin, September 2013. Readers are very welcome to participate, if they don't mind spending hours discussing together before, during and after it.

As for the Rome meeting in December, a panel will discuss about the re-use of texts in Classical India. I started working on this topic several years ago, and several among the speakers have been working with me on a collective volume on the topic of the re-usal of texts in Indian philosophy. The conference will be a great chance to compare our results and to discuss them with the data derived from different milieus, such as the re-use of texts among Vedic poets. Given the fact that we have to priviledge to have an art-historian among the organisers of the CBC, I hope to be able to make her participate and compare the case of the re-use of architectonic elements in temples, etc.

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