Monday, January 10, 2011


One of my New-Year's resolutions is to delegate more. Why?
  1. Because I have too many ideas and my life is too short to have them all realised.
  2. Because my ideas trigger me: they want to be realised and do not accept to be buried with me.
  3. Because I learn a lot through other people. Delegating someone I will learn through the way she does what I asked her to do.
  4. Because delegating challenges me and the person I delegate. It gives us both a chance of growth.
  5. Because team-work is funnier (this, I admit, does not apply to everyone).

And, more specifically:

  • Because within Indian philosophy no concrete goal can be achieved by me alone. I will not be able to make Indian philosophy accessible to a more general audicence, not to speak of making it part of Philosophy tout-court, or to make some significant philosophical steps in the direction of our commitment for preserving the world's inhabitants.
Do these points apply to you? Any good reason NOT to delegate?


Dominik Wujastyk said...


It's called having PhD students. :-)

elisa freschi said...

Well, it depends on how generous you are with your PhD students, I guess…;-)
Anyway, part of my resolution was to learn to delegate more, primarily to colleagues (with whom there are likely to be more crashes and conflicts –which is also part of the challenge). But you are right, I am happy to have students around and I might have been influenced by that. What about you?

VS said...

Delegating helps you to focus on more relevant tasks and as you mention allows the other person to learn and grow.

A reasonable way to delegate would be to discuss with the concerned person and with mutual consent decide on the expectations for the outcome of the task.

elisa freschi said...

Thank you, VS, you raise a very good point and (to be honest) one I often neglected.

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