Thursday, May 24, 2012

The next Coffee Break Conference

Conferences are, by and large, either completely useless or useful only through indirect ways, for instance insofar as they bring people together during the coffee breaks.
This basic assumption lies at the basis of the attempt of organizing coffee break conferences, i.e., conferences where papers are not read and just discussed in a thought-provoking way, as during the coffee breaks. You can find here the programs of the past two editions (Rome 2010 and Rome 2011) and of the next one (Cagliari, 13-15 June 2012).

We are now starting to organize the next one (tentative dates and venues: Rome, 21st-22nd December 2012; Turin, September 2013). As usual, we aim at having people join and discuss in an open and critical way topics and methodologies. So far, we managed to pick up topics (e.g., the concepts of "development" and "belleletristic", the study of manuscripts, the conceptualization  of grammar in different cultures…) which were suitable to be considered from different points of view and to be better understood if regarded through the lenses of different standpoints (be they geographically remote, like India, or chronologically remote, like Ancient Greece). Now, which topics would readers suggest for the next CBC?

You can find the Wiki dedicated to the CBC here. The rationale of organizing it is explained in this post, whereas you can read my comments after the CBC 2 in this post.

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