Friday, June 29, 2012

Personal favourites from the last Coffee Break Conference

The third Coffee Break Conference has been, according to many participants, the best one. Because the organisers' group is getting closer and working together is now smoother, more enjoyable and fruitful.

The following extracts are some of the passages that stroke me more. Interestingly enough, several of them come from panels dealing with development studies or with issues far away from my own ones.

M.D. quoting the following statement about Jainism: "Jainism is not 'atheist' but 'transtheist', the jinas are beyond the gods whom one prays".

A.M. noting that "Acculturative processes are multidirectional" (e.g., when a king reaches a remote tribe, it is not just the tribe that gets "sanskritized", but also the official kingship which is "contaminated" by tribal elements).

B.B. and B.D.I. noting that "Information is constructed and not collected", even while using "objective" measurements such as quantitative measurements.

What is then the solution? The same authors suggest:  "Thus, show the entire process in the research work!"

What impressed you more in the last conferences you attended? Don't go through your notes, just say what comes first to your mind.

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