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Kant's first critique in Sanskrit—प्रमितिप्रकारानुक्रमणिका

गणितमिति प्रमाणमूलम्, यच्च गणितेन प्रमितम्, तत् सुस्थमेव । सुस्थत्वं तु न प्रमितवस्त्वपेक्षं किन्तु प्रमात्रपेक्षमिति प्रागुक्तम् ।
अत एव यद्यत् वस्तुविषये प्रमितम् (यथा द्रव्यत्वम्, संख्या, करणत्वमित्यादि), तत्सर्वम् प्रमातर्येवाध्यवस्यते ।
तस्मात् प्रमातर्येव करणत्वेत्यादिप्रमितिप्रकाराः सन्ति । यथाहि −अग्निर्धूमस्य करणमितिप्रमितेर् मूलम् नाग्निधूमौ, किन्तु प्रमातुः करणत्वप्रमितिप्रकाराः ("categories") ।
काः प्रमितिप्रकाराः ? भूतकाले यवनदेशे, प्रसिद्धदर्शनिकारिस्तोतेलेस्-महोदयेन निर्णयानामनुक्रमणिका लिखिता । एष तस्यानुक्रमणिका−
(Aristotle's categories, वीकिपेद्य)

कन्तमहोदयस्य प्रमितिप्रकाराणामनुक्रमणिका तत्सादृशी, परन्तु कन्तमहोदयस्यानुक्रमाणिका प्रमातुः प्रमितिप्रकाराणामस्ति, वस्त्वनपेक्षा च ।

Kant's categories
न्यायवैशेषिकानां पदार्थानुक्रमणिकारिस्तोतेलेस-महोदयस्य निर्णयानुक्रमणिका सादृशी । उभे वस्तुनः वर्णनम्, प्रमात्रनपेक्षं च ।


Unknown said...



अनेन एतदेव स्पष्टं यत् प्रमातृसापेक्षत्वं खलु कन्तीयदर्शननियामकमिति। प्राक्कन्तीयदर्शनशास्त्राणि मुख्यतया प्रमेयसापेक्षत्वेन निरूपितानीत्यपि च प्रतीयते।

Unknown said...

ममानुमाने सत्ये सति प्रत्येकः कन्तीयपदार्थोऽन्यपदार्थतो विपरीतधर्मी (ततः परस्परस्य परिपूरको वा?) इति भाति।

Unknown said...

एतद्विपरीतधर्मित्वेन तेषां पदार्थानां प्रमातृसापेक्षत्वं सिद्धमित्यभ्युपगम्यते मया। प्रमातृसापेक्षत्वात्तेषां विपरीतधर्मिस्वभावः सम्भव इति तात्पर्यम्।

windwheel said...

wHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS SHIT? You are showing Sudipta as an euphonious idiot?
Elisa, why are you doing this? This is a stupid person.
Actually I kinda like it. Yo, I surf the merely fractal and unmeaning waves of Sudipta, to a tryst with Galactus where I totally get a cast iron guarantee of no fucking car alarms after like 10 pm .
Yeah, suck on that.

windwheel said...

Also Elisa- you think is Sanskrit?
Guess again. Samskrit is not a language, never has been. but is a subtle way of being courteous and witty.

Congratulations, Elisa, you have written a book only this fucking ugly cunt of a Sudipta- worthless intellectual gigolo that he is- will appreciate.
BTW Sudipta I will come and beat you where you live you worthless cunt/

elisa freschi said...

@सम्यगवगतं भवता !

elisa freschi said...

@ भोः सुदीप्तमहोदय,
सम्यगवगतं भवता !

John Emmer said...

Contrary to what others have suggested, I would find it very cool to see Kant's First Critique in Sanskrit. Not only that, but translation forces you to really try to understand something well, so just as an exercise in reading Kant and practicing Sanskrit, this is a worthwhile endeavor, even if no one else were ever to read it. Thanks for sharing it though, and I have shared this with several other people who also find it interesting. I've studied Kant, and although I've only studied a little Pali so far, maybe someday I'll be working on Sanskrit too, and this will be a fun resource!

Unknown said...

Dear John,

Since you have studied Kant, and seem quite interested in Sanskrit, you would also probably enjoy reading Sanskrit translations from the actual text of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, available on this very blog, and for this sincere thanks go to Dr. Elisa Freschi. Elisa has also helped me a lot in improving my translation by commenting critically on the draft, taking into account the German original of Kant's text. I provide the link below:

It would be great if you also participate in you own way in discussions pertaining to all this.

Sudipta Munsi

elisa freschi said...

Thanks John. In fact, trying to translate Kant made me aware of the importance of words I had previously not taken seriously enough. I look forward for your Pāli translations, then!

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