Sunday, February 10, 2013

Final Balance on my 2012 projects: quotations and textual reuse

Textual reuse in Indian philosophy

Participants: E. Freschi
The project aims at reconsidering concepts such as "authoritality'', "originality'', "innovation'', "plagiarism'', through an analysis of the form of textual reuse within Indian philosophy. This analysis shows how such concepts need to be re-defined in the Sanskrit koiné and often also in other contexts, including the Western one. The final goal of the project is the publication of a volume, edited by E. Freschi, collecting essays on the reuse of texts, analysing different Indian philosophical and śāstric traditions.

Retrospect of 2012 (September-December): In December 2012, the participants of the volume met for a Coffee Break meeting in Rome (21--22 December 2012), where they compared their results and the methodologies they implemented. Almost all the papers due for the volume had already been finished before the conference, and a preliminary agreement for the publication of the volume as a special issue of the Journal of Indian Philosophy has been decided.

Preview of 2013: The papers will be slightly updated according to the results of the Rome Symposium. The last two missing papers will be finished and sent to the editor (E. Freschi), who will finalise her introduction. The volume will be published. A panel on reuse and originality, focusing less on the form of reuse and more on its creative component, has been proposed by E. Freschi together with Ph. Maas for the Deutscher Orientalistentag (DOT), in September 2013. The papers presented at this panel will be collected in a proceedings' volume.

Any suggestion/subscription concerning the Preview of 2013 are welcome!

For the TOC of the volume on textual reuse, see this post. For the CB meeting on this topic, see this post (with many links for other posts on this topic). For my final balance on other projects, see this post.

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