Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The next Coffee Break Conference: call for ideas

We (=I plus the other members of the Coffee Break Project) will be meeting on Friday to do some brainstorming about the over-next Coffee Break Conference, to be held in Rome, 2014. For the ones among you who do not know it, a Coffee Break Conference (CBC) is an informal occasion to exchange ideas, challenge oneself and expose oneself to other approaches and methodologies, though in an atmosphere which is as relaxed as during a Coffee Break in a "normal" conference.
You can find the program of the next CBC (Turin, September 2013) and of the previous ones here.
A CBC is usually organised in panels, which never run parallel (we want to avoid the typical conference effect, where one only listens to one's own things) and which are meant to be trans-geographic (we firmly oppose the idea of areal studies) and trans-disciplinary.

Would like to participate to the organization of the 2014 CBC? Do you have an idea for a topic which needs to be discussed in a CBC-format? Just let me know, either here or by dropping me a line.

The wiki of the CBC is here.  On Coffee Break Conferences in general, see this post, this one (or many others on this blog).

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