Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Someśvara on effort and the meaning of arthabhāvanā

Someśvara aptly connects effort (prayatna) and its result, bodily movement (śarīraparispanda). The former implies even subtler forms of effort, since among the examples mentioned there are not just going or cooking or sacrificing, but also dhyāna (meditation): dhyāne 'ham prayate (Nyāyasudhā 1909, p. 577). Hence, Someśvara can consequently explain artha- in arthabhāvanā as referring to the subject who strives for a certain result (arthayate). He might be historically wrong, insofar as his interpretation of the bhāvanā as mainly located in the person who strives for something is not necessarily the same as Kumārila's one. The latter seems to be still more inclined to a concept of bhāvanā as movement (or activity, vyāpāra). Still, Someśvara's proposal is consistent and interesting.

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