Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pārthasārathi on action

In his acute paper on Bhāvanā (Bhāvanā und Vidhiḥ in Maṇḍanamiśra. I. Bhāvanā, WZKM 1938), Erich Frauwallner seems irritated by Pārthasārathi's inconsistency in dealing with the issue of action (bhāvanā). Still, looking closer at Pārthasārathi's Śāstradīpikā, one sees that it encloses a long objection (pūrvapakṣa) and that the inconsistencies Frauwallner notices are between the objector's view and the one which is allegedly Pārthasārathi's own one. Is this enough to "rescue" Pārthasārathi's view? Or does the idea of the verbal root expressing an activity make it too similar to the meaning of the bhāvanā?

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