Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indological blogs

There seem to be two sorts of scholars' blogs relating to India:
–blogs about texts, textual problems, problems with softwares for textual criticisms and the like
–blogs about specific problems (focusing on a certain aspect of Indian culture).
Besides, there are blogs I cannot read (such as Kei Kataoka's japanese one) and, hence, evaluate. Just some posts, helas, are dedicated to India's philosophical thought as represented in its texts. There is, I mean, no Manyul Im of Indian philosophy. Why? I, for one, would be an assiduous reader of such a blog! And I guess that it would also enhance the feeling of scholars of Indian philosophy to belong to a group and to share –more or less– a/some mission(s) (understanding Indian philosophical ideas/making Indian philosophy part of the philosophical scene/…).


Amod said...

Well, there is this blog! You do spend a lot of time on textual issues, but you explore the philosophy as well - you're probably the closest thing out there to a Manyul Im of Indian thought. It's your strength, go with it!

Then again: Manyul's effectively ended his blog now, replacing it with the group blog Warp, Weft and Way (with a surprisingly - for the Web - distinguished list of contributors). I wonder if there's interest out there in an Indian philosophy group blog? I'd be interested in participating in such a thing if you wanted to start one, as long as I could still cross-post stuff at my own blog.

Anonymous said...

I encourage you to do it. It mostly takes some good targeted "publicity" among those who care. I'll gladly post a link to the site, if and when you start it. Keep on blogging!

elisa freschi said...

Thanks a lot for your comments. I do try to write what I would like to read and I appreciate a lot both your blogs for the reasons mentioned (I may not agree with all what you write, but I like the approach). As for Manyul Im's new group, it confirms the idea that his blog has been an intelligent start into a collective work on Chinese philosophy. I really like his question board, for intance.
Last, I am glad to participate in whatever joint project and do not think that multiplicating posts would do any harm.

VS said...

Not really something I can comment upon, but then there are people who live the way and maybe write about it and then there are people who read about something and write about it.

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