Friday, January 29, 2010

"Everything has a history"

I am grateful to Dominik Wujastyk for this great motto. I agree with it especially insofar as it entails that there are no "natural" facts and data. Everything –in every moment of history– is already historically-load. In this sense, there is nothing but history, there is no moment of history when the human kind was still "natural". Just like Mīmāṃsā authors claim, the world is, from the point of view of human experience, beginning-less.
On the other hand, Western common-sense is full of arguments referring to "nature" as the element justifying all next moments of time. One should/should not –it is said– be vegetarian, because it is/it is not "natural". If one reflects on Wujastyk's motto, on the other hand, one becomes aware that even the apple we are eating at the moment is not a natural food. There were no apples in ancient India (and the word for "apple" in Spoken Sanskrit is a neologism) and there are possibly moments in history where apples have been considered prohibited or religiously pure. Not to speak about new varieties of apples, of apples in literature, in theology, in anatomy, in IT, etc.

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