Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Team work works

I have just been told that three out of the five superstars of US basket have decided to join the same team, in Miami. That's absolutely unusual, because superstars like to be at the centre of everyone's attention, whereas being together will necessarily mean that they will enjoy (slightly?) less popularity. To be the best one in Cleveland, in short, implies that everyone in town will be dying to see you, etc., whereas in Miami there will be at least two other options.
Moreover, in basket there is only one ball and if you are playing with other great players you will be expected to give them the chance to make points, too.
Still, they ignored these problems and decided to play together for the next five years. Why? Possibly –so I have been told– because no one of them had ever won a championship and they realised that this was the best way to fulfil this dream.
Could this work for us, too?
While writing, we have only a pen (or a laptop) and it is difficult to decide to share it. But this might be the best way to achieve one's life-dream: the critical edition one is working on since years, the translation of the whole XY, the collection of essays on Z, and so on.
What do you think? Will LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade eventually argue all the time? Or will they hit whatever possible target?


VS said...

Ideally the new combination should work well and they should make a winning team. If we let a lil bit cynicism come in, then it could be possible that as the team starts winning, the members may play for individual glory. However, the managers would be wise enough to warn them about this trend.

elisa freschi said...

What I hope is that they understand that playing together is better *also* in order to get more *individual* glory. Do you think scholars may realise it, too?

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