Thursday, August 2, 2012

Looking for a Sanskrit-related job?

Offer and demand hardly meet, when it comes to Indology. Most project-leaders I am aware of, constantly look for early-career Sanskritists who might be willing to read manuscripts (etc.) for them, and fail to find any. By contrast, some of my (mostly Italian) friends, who hold a PhD in Sanskrit, end up doing something completely different just in order to survive…

If you belong to the former category, consider posting your job-ads (here, on Indology, on Academia or on any other widely accessible website).
If you are among the latter category, consider the following advertisement, coming from the University of Vienna:
In the FWF Project "Metaphysics and Epistemology of the Nyaya Tradition
III", conducted at the University of Vienna, Dept. of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, the position of a full-time post-doc project researcher has been advertized. 

The project covers 3 years. Further info here.

On offer and demand in Indology, see this post (on job chances) and this post (on PhD chances).


Anonymous said...

The Vienna job you have linked to is expired as of Aug. 1. It is beyond me why they would not post such a job to the Indology list. I know many Sanskritists who would have applied if they had known of the opening.

nOe said...

Thanks for mentioning it. I would encourage everyone to apply anyway, since (being in Vienna) I think further applications could be accepted.

elisa freschi said...

The previous comment was mine. As for your query, Anonymous, I am afraid project leaders tend not to believe in "open market" applications. They rather look for people through personal contacts.

elisa freschi said...

Still an addendum: The above-described procedure leads to paradoxical results when one comes to the paralysis of not having co-workers at all (because one's personal contact have exhausted their students and acquaintances).

anonymous said...

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