Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kant's first critique in Sanskrit 3: नियमसापेक्षता

कन्तमहोदयो नवदर्शनं सथापयितुम नेच्‍छति स्म । गणितस्य फलानि सिद्धानीति कन्तमहोदयस्य सुस्थम् । अतः तस्य कृते प्रधानप्रश्नः न किमेतानि फलानि सिद्धानि, किन्तु केन प्रकारेण एतानि फलानि सिद्धानीति ।
परन्तु पुरुषज्ञानानां फलानि पुनः पुन असिद्धानीति दृश्यते । यथा −अात्मास्तीति केचित्, अात्मा नास्तीत्यन्ये । अथवा ईश्वरो जगच्चाभिन्न इति केचित् । तौ भिन्नावित्यन्ये ।
अत एव बुद्धिप्रयोगस्य नियम अापेक्षते । बुद्धिप्रयोग एतस्मिन् विषये युक्तः तस्मिंश्च नेति तेन नियमेन स्पष्टीभविष्यतीति कन्तः ।
तदनुसरेण केवलं गणितादिविषये विचारानि कार्यानि, तदन्यविषयेषु तु न, इत्यनेके "अनलीटिक् फिलसफेर्स्:" । परन्त्वेतन्न कन्तस्य प्रयोजनम् । पुरुषाः पुनः पुनः किमीश्वरो ऽस्तीत्यदयः प्रश्नाः पृच्छन्ति, प्रक्ष्यन्ति च । स्वरूपत एव तेषां जिज्ञासा एतेषु विषयेषु नित्या ।

केवलम् निमितमर्यादान्तरे बुद्धिप्रयोगेन प्रमितिरुत्थापतीति संग्रहः ।

कन्तमहोदयस्य प्रथमविचारविषये कृपया एतद् एतच्च पठतु


Eisel Mazard said...

You're half a fad behind the current trend here, E.F.:

Kant went out of style along with the propaganda to glorify "R2P", and the tripartite presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Admittedly, Pali scholars are still wrestling with philosophers who have been out of fashion for an even longer time: Spinoza, Locke, and Schopenhauer.

All of these European philosophers are significantly less influential (in the 21st century) than minority religious movements like Rastafarianism. Yet, strangely, nobody is volunteering to translate the Holy Piby of Rastafari into Sanskrit.

elisa freschi said...

Dear Eisel,
I guess that your comment deserves an answer explaining why I am interested in Kant, notwithstanding current trends.

1. Trends should not matter too much. Realism and idealism, e.g., have been trendy or out of fashion in Philosophy without any real reason (i.e.: without conclusive evidence in favour or against the other).

2. When I still was an undergraduate student of philosophy, my professor once said that "When one deals with great thinkers, one can find answers to all questions, even new ones. But this is only the case with great thinkers". I should add that she was referring to Kant and this is my experience with him, too. It is always possible to virtually discuss with such thinkers and to look for answers within their system.

3. Kant is a true giant in the history of thought. It is always a good idea to deal with him, since studying his philosophy is a gymnasium for every thinker.

4. There is no philosophy without history of philosophy (or would you say that for Physicists it is possible to discover Newton's law anew every time?). And Kant is, fashions and trends apart, one of the major figures of European philosophy. Ignoring him would be like building a house without no walls on the Southern side.

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