Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Final Balance on my 2012 projects: tantra and prasaṅga

tantra and prasaṅga in Śrautasūtra, Mīmāṃsā and Grammar
Participants: E. Freschi and Tiziana Pontillo

The project aims at throwing light on a shared prehistory of Śrautasūtra, Mīmāṃsā and Grammar, by means of a special focus on their structural approach to their topics (ritual or language). It shows how, notwithstanding their different objects, all schools share the idea of describing them through the opposition between general and specific rules, with the latter overruling the former. Furthermore, the project shows how, among the more technical devices used for this purpose, tantra and prasaṅga share some similarities ---insofar as they can make an element apply to a context where it is actually absent--- but at the same time represent two opposite models. tantra applies within the precinct of a certain context (i.e., a certain grammatical rule or a certain sacrifice), whereas through prasaṅga an element is applied outside its original context. Last, the project shows that the frame of reference of the authors of Śrautasūtra, Mīmāṃsā and Grammar is spatial. Accordingly, the usual way of referring to devices such as lopa as 'disappearance [of a phoneme]', is plainly wrong, because they imply a temporal perspective which is altogether absent. Instead, the project suggests to describe such devices as instances of substitution, with no diachronic implication.

Retrospect of 2012 (September-December): On the basis of a first article on this topic published before Summer 2012, E. Freschi and T. Pontillo wrote a book entitled ''Rule-extension strategies in Ancient India: Ritual, exegetical and linguistic considerations on the tantra- and prasaṅga-principles''. E. Freschi has presented part of the project during a conference in Cambridge, October 2012.

Preview of 2013: Drafts will be corrected, indexes created and the book finalised for publication before Summer 2013 at Fritz Lang, Frankfurt a.M.

Any suggestion concerning further directions of research in this field are welcome.
On tantra and prasaṅga, see this post. For an application of tantra and prasaṅga outside their usual precincts, see this post. For my final balance on other projects, see this post.


windwheel said...

'Instead, the project suggests to describe such devices'- if you don't know English grammar, the language you are writing in, you certainly don't know Sanskrit- a language and culture you know nothing about. What is wrong with you? You write about prasanga, not with relation to concurrency, or any open O.R problem but instead in the stupidest and most illiterate manner possible- vide 'suggests to describe such devices'- Why? because you are stupid and your book is shit?
Or because you are a careerist?
A good thing. But teach kids. Don't do research. Be Madam Montessori not fucking Frau Muller.

windwheel said...

@ Windwheel- you evil, worthless (that is your favourite epithet isn't it) Hindutva fanatic with the face of a paedophile and the prose style of a lumpen paranoiac- you have answered your own question, haven't you?
Dr.Freschi has shown, not least by her candid and self-deprecating blog, that- in a particular context, prasanga can bear the philosophically interesting problematic you claim to find in it- but find only by reason of Freschi's scholarship and GOOD English.
Cunt, I'm Schizophrenic- well that's tautological coz I'm paranoid Hindutva- but I will fucking kill you unless you fucking apologize to Dr.Freschi.
She's brilliant- very readable and the very reverse of baroque in that her work does not exhaust the possibilities of what if suggests- in this sense stop stalking the fanciulle on her tour of the impassable Alps of the Goth.
Fuck u. Seriously, Windwheel, I will kill you if you ever again post your poisonous shite on Dr. Freschi's blog.
You don't know Skt. Your Skt poems are crap. We both know it. So knock it off.
BTW I'm sorry I lied to the Psychiatrist. The fact that you produce turds capable of generating their own gravitational field and sucking you down the toilet, should, obviously, have been revealed by me- even if my own investment in our neighbourhood 'Clucky Chicken' franchise suffered a marked dimunition of income thereby.

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