Thursday, April 25, 2013

PhD scholarships in Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy)

Are you looking for a PhD scholarship? If you are not an Italian citizen and will attain your MA degree before the 31st July 2013, you might apply for a scholarship in order to study in Rome, "La Sapienza" University. Details can be read in a pdf (in English) available here. The dead line is May the 10th.
"La Sapienza" is also the university where I studied during my PhD (under the tuition of Prof. Raffaele Torella). Further details on the staff (the South Asian section includes at the moment Raffaele Torella, Bruno Lo Turco, Carmela Mastrangelo (classical India), Giorgio Milanetti, Mara Matta, Mario Prayer (modern India), Ciro Lo Muzio (history of Indian art), Donatella Rossi (Tibet), apart from lecturers and people indirectly related to India, e.g. the linguist Artemij Keidan…) can be found here

Please leave a comment or write me if you have additional questions.

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