Thursday, June 20, 2013

The next conferences: DOT, IIGRS, CBC, PhC, etc.

While you are waiting for the DOT people to let you know whether they accepted your panel/your presentation —which you have probably sent before the deadline, i.e., before the 31st of March 2013— and you ask yourself what is happening to the old good Germans (and, in case you are Italian, while you are waiting for the results of the ASN), you might consider:

  1. 1. submitting an abstract for the next IIGRS conference (the deadline is the 30th of June and you will know by the 4th of July!)
  2. 2. submitting an abstract for the Philosophers' Cocoon Conference (did not I tell you that we [=scholars of Indian philosophy] have to show that we are also doing philosophy?). The deadline is July the 1st and decisions will be communicated by August the 1st. 
  3. 3. coming to the next CBC conference in Turin (September, 4th to 7th)
  4. 4. starting thinking about the next conferences: CBC conference in Rome (May 2014), Dharmakīrti conference in Heidelberg, IABS conference in Vienna (both in August 2014), WSC in Thailand (June–July 2015).

Am I missing something?

For my comments on the IIGRS, see this post. For my introduction to the CB Project see this one.

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