Monday, October 27, 2014

Reuse in texts and art, how to fund your projects and some further thoughts.

A few posts in the last month discuss about reuse in art (this one on Hayagrīva in the Hayagrīva Saṃhitā, this one and this one on the conceptual categories to deal with reuse, this post on my impressions of the first EAAA (European Association of Asian Art and Archaeology) conference).
As for the related problem of reuse in texts, some more posts could be interesting (this one discusses the reasons for marking textual reuse, and this one discusses the alteration of texts). Again, on a connected line of thought (the reuse of Buddhist texts), this post and this one discuss Buddhism in South India and this one discusses the influence of Jain libraries in making texts available.

On being a researcher in Europe, check this and this post (on having your project funded).

As for further topics, this post discusses about theology without faith, this one discusses Mīmāṃsā and Grammar.

Finally, this post discusses my methodology of reading an "Alien" philosophy.

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